Crete Activities Archanes

The day begins with a great Greek breakfast that includes all the Cretan tastes : freshly baked warm bread, fresh juice,
cheese from the local creameries and the famous fried Cretan pancakes... more

We organize excursions to selected wineries. Enjoy local wine varieties, Kotsifali, Liatiko, Vilana, Vidiano, Mantilari at selected wineries. Enjoy a traditional Cretan lunch accompanied by... more

Knosano Gorge extends south of Archanes (Agios Mamas), goes through the hamlet of Archanes at Kato Mylos Location, Myristis Location and the aqueduct at Karydaki, up to the aqueduct of Agia Eirini... more

In the area of the Municipality a network of 10 hiking trails has been established. They follow either ancient paths or goat trails and old footpaths connecting hamlets or locations used by the... more

Archanes-Summit of Giouhtas
Using as a starting point the villages' central square and going west, you will meet the path, which leads to the summit of the mountain. The course is impressive... more

Archanes has a typical Mediterranean climate, consisting of mild winters and dry summers, although there is intense humidity during summer nights. Rainfalls are regularly average (... more

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